Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pay Down your Mortgage Quicker with these KeyTips.

Congratulations you are getting a mortgage ( which for most will  be your biggest purchase of your life) so why not save some money/interest that is paid back to the lender and not be intimidated either by all the mortgage choices or interest rate information that will be sent your way and understand what your options are, read on.  Now first we are all wired differently when it comes to financial stress and to use the analogy of a car; how many of you would fret if your on a half of tank of gas with the next fill-up station miles away, or like myself because you know the mileage and your confident you have enough fuel your not worried. Much is the same in picking the right mortgage term ( length of the mortgage contract),  personally the longest term  i will do is a 4 year fixed which is always lower in interest than the most popular 5 year fixed (which most lenders push the hardest) and will save you big money over your typically 20 year contract. Now my favorite is the 1 year fixed which comes with rock bottom interest rates ( if your willing to roll the dice that the rates stay down) but if they are heading north, bonus!!! can lock in a secure rate a few months before your renewal date, also double bonus; with both of these options have the discipline and take what is saved in your monthly payment and apply it directly to the mortgage per month again saving you huge amounts. So to finish up on my picks; needless to say you have to pay attention to the business news and also have the plan in place to pay down your mortgage with the savings that you incur from the smaller amount owing to the lender due to the lower interests rates charge.  Now to the "other" side lol;  the terms i avoid are the 5 year variable, 3, 7 and 10 year fixed but maybe because of your debt levels are high  you might not qualify for my favorites so do not have those options for now, or again your tolerance
for the unknown rate hikes is such so you like the comfort of the long term security ( if that's the case, take the 10year fixed as it is usually just a few tenths of a % point from the 7 year and sleep at nights) but  all of this comes at a price with higher interests rates and of course more money out of your pocket.  In closing, you know yourself best and your comfort zone so pick what options are better for you and enjoy your new abode stress free.

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