Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fashion Savings

We all want to look good at the work place or in any public setting and with that comes wearing the latest trends, but fashion is such a fleeting word. It starts its one year cycle on the fashion runways or even a music video, onto the magazines, internet or television and finally in the market place
 where it gets saturated with all the cheap knockoffs. For us the savvy consumer the best way to maximize our hard earned dollars is to have the classic wardrobe, of say jeans and T-shirts on casual day and for business ladies a black skirt, white blouse and for the men the usual black dress pants and a blazer. Then we accessorize to our individual style to complete our fashion statement and at a fraction of the cost, especially when these items are no longer in vogue and then lost money. Here are some basics rules to follow;  A) spend good money on classic items that never go out of style like diamond studs or a watch for the guys  B) check out the clearance areas or thrift stores for great deals C) visit blogs for ideas to fit your style  D) do not over accessorize as less is better to highlight yourself   E) learn colors with what matches each other and never all one shade  F) have items that enhances your features and signature style.  There you have it, look great and feel good as i have a saying; i do not mind spending money......i just hate wasting money lol