Monday, February 7, 2011

Save Cash with Money!!

By paying for all your purchases with cash.....a couple of things, your spending only what you have and your saving on the fees from any form of plastic you decide to use. So besides getting some stares lol ( as it so rare to see it anymore) cash might be the way for you to save. Some tips to follow if using the moolah !!     A) Ask/look for discounts....some merchants give back coupons/store dollars for cash buys ( think of gas stations/grocery stores tied in together or a certain hardware store that gives its customers 3.5c per dollar back in paper money ) Also ask the vendor what they will do for you as these sellers are being charged by the cc companies fees to accept plastic, hence why they pass their savings onto you the customer and to build a following    B)  Make sure not to use a competitors ATM machine and get charged for this service, know where your branch outlets are  C)  Ask for a receipt that says paid on it for possible return or for warranty work   D) Finally write down all your buys for your records to track where all the cash went and as a bonus it will be a learning curve to create a successful budget in the future to save for your goals.

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