Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Red Flags During Retirement

Congratulations!!!!  you have navigated your way into retirement which in these times is no easy feat.  Not to be a naysayer, but here are a few things to watch out for that might derail all those dreams for what should be your "Golden Years"  A) You might have adult children come back to the nest to save money  (even ask for funds to pay down their out of control bills) or maybe you have elderly parents that will need care....all which puts a strain on your finances.  B) Some retirees lose their health insurance or prescription drug plans which then comes out of pocket, or maybe you downsize and move outside the city then need medical care with a specialist which is an added travel expense.  C) Remember life does get in the way (lol), so do not forget that things do need to be repaired from your automobile to the furnace which all cost big dollars.  D) Maybe you have grown apart and will divorce which without saying is a big strain on the pocketbook.  E) Finally with all your extra time, it will be easy for you to spend more than you bring in on expensive hobbies or plan for that.

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