Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'A' List Savings/Tips

Our second lesson and the classroom filling up.....nice!   So we now know if we want to achieve goals in life we need to cut back on the "wants" list, but there also ways to trim the "needs" column so here we go.  A) Mortgage/Rent....by
taking in roommates you can either apply your sub rent directly to the mortgage (it will come straight off the principle saving you thousands of dollars over the term in interest) or if renting you can invest monthly your borders money making you wealthy in time.  B) Groceries... we all need to eat but it doesn't have to cost as much by buying in the bulk sections so saving on volume and  not paying for the packing. Also whats with society eating all this prefab meals anyway, ever wonder how it keeps its shelf-life so long?  So never mind talking about the health issues with the "convenient" way to eat, save big dollars by doing the cooking yourself by picking a day and prep your meals for the week  with say a roast beef, turkey etc and be inventive to keep it  tasty.                         C) Clothing....there is such a mark up on clothes even when it is 50% off your still paying too much so look for those stores that mark down the designer brands and save the big $$$  and looking is half the fun is it not? Also learning to mix and match outfits which will reduce the need for more threads hanging in the closet (if you do not have an eye for it just ask a friend who does) and for under-garments and kids outfits any discount box store will do. Also ever notice how some people are styling no matter what they are wearing,  its because they are in shape so in other words spending a lot of money on a suit/shoes etc. is not going to change your look....take care of the body first!!    D)  Transportation....everyone circumstances are different here, without saying using the car less saves you coin and if living near work/school the use of public transport/car pool or walking is great. But if buying a car look for the lease buybacks...why?  it will have low mileage and warranty as the new car dealers take on the fleets from the rental car agencies to keep rotating their new products to them  Or go to any established used car dealer which offers the same and save big money,  i know buying new seems glamorous but there is such a depreciation loss once you drive it of the lot, so
just buy some nice air freshener and and think of all the coin you just saved (lol). E) Furniture.....another mark up king!! used pieces or mark downs due to scratches/nicks is just as good.  Personally i rummage through old antique stores and find some unique pieces at great value. So as you see its all how you look at things, as my best friend says....."look beyond the bumpers"

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