Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"X" Factors

Good day my getting smarter/savvy bloggers.  Ah the X factor in finances, we either can use these vehicles to our advantage or we can spend extra....easy choice isn't?  One example of this is Bank Cards, we all have them and think it is our right to use them anytime/anywhere because its our money.  Well here's a news flash, banks are in the business to make a profit to appease their shareholders so make sure the type of chequing/savings accounts you have fits your activity as costs vary,  for example;  A) 65c for any debit purchase  B) $1.50 for cash withdraw from a competitors ATM's  C) $1.50 for money transfers through the bank machines   D) $2.25 for monthly statements   E) $1.25 for each bill payment.  So you say its only pennies, well people cents turn into dollars quickly!! ( i can think of a famous Canadian coffee company doing ok on the cents per purchase method lol)  Say you use the debit card 5 times a day, in a month that adds up to $97.50.....nice profit for them and that comes off your bottom line folks. Then add up all those other costs we talked about earlier, that could be your 10% pay to yourself that we wrote about in the last blog.  So a couple of options, ask your bank to set up an account that fits your profile for a monthly fee   (and knowing your usage and for a fraction of the cost  instead of you paying for each transaction) Or use your credit card for everything and be diligent and pay within the 21 day window and get it free. Now that's what i call creative financing baby, just another example of what they mean by taking care of the little things..... as we go down the road to independent wealth.

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